Month: March 2017

DPSpritePalette 1.4 New Features!

DPSpritePalette 1.4 will be available  in a few days on on Asset Store but you can buy it and download right now on! Check it out the new features:

  • Import palettes from Pyxel Edit: Now you can use Pyxel Edit to generate your palette files and import them to the Palette Builder. The process is almost the same.


  • Palette Combiner: combine two different Palette Textures into the same SpriteRenderer. Just add the DPPaletteCombiner componente and assign the Palettes Textures!


  • New shader for bilinear filtering: Just assign the new ‘Bilinear’ material variants to the Palette Material field! The setup of your sprites remains the same: Point filter mode, Compression to ‘None’ or Texture Format RGBA 32-bit.