PSDAnim 0.3.2

PSDAnim is a tool to auxiliate the creation of animated sprites and tiled images in Photoshop! You can edit in Photoshop (or any tool that exports PSD files) and view the results instantly (after save the file)! I created it to suit my own needs and speed up my workflow. Also it can be used with GIMP, Clip Studio Paint and Paint Tool SAI!

For questions and more information send a comment here or via Twitter or Facebook.


Installation on Windows

  • Download and run the auto-installer.
  • A group PSDAnim is created in Start Menu and an icon in your desktop.

Installation on OS X

  • soon


Animations are grouped by the layer or group name in the PSD file. Create a layer group for each animation frame with the syntax
AnimationName_FrameID. the underline character is required! AnimationName will be name of the animation. The FrameID is not important for PSDAnim. The animation is played using only the root group/layer order. bottom to up!!

For example, we want 2 animations (walk and stand) with 8 and 3 frames:

Open PSDAnim.exe and select the .psd file. You should see this window:

Now every time you save the psd file, the PSDAnim window is updated.

In PSDAnim 0.3.2 was included the tile mode! Click the ‘Tiling’ button to toggle between normal mode and a 3×3 tiling. Very useful to create seamless patterns!

Actions and JSX Scripts

Within PSDAnim installation directory, photoshop actions and JSX scripts are provided to help in some tasks.


  • Put the jsx files in “..\Adobe Photoshop CSx\Presets\Scripts”
  • Restart photoshop
  • Load the action PSDAnim.atn


There are 4 actions:

  • OnionSkinSelected
    • This will make the current animation frame visible and will hide all others except the next and previous animation frames. The visibility of the internal layers of each frame (and the background layer, if exists) is unchanged. Also the previous and next layers have the opacity lowered to 33%.
  • OnionSkinSelected 2 Frames
    • The same of OnionSkinSelected, but with next of next and previous of previous animation frame.
  • Hide Others
    • Hide all other animation frames (again the visibility of the internal layers of each frame is unchanged). And sets the current frame visible with opacity 100%.
  • Create Frame
    • Create a new layer group with one blank layer inside. The name of the group is asked, and shows the default value of “frame_id” to reminder the underline character.

Exporting Animations

Use the script PSDExportFrames. File -> Scripts -> PSDAnimExportFrames


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