Unity Assets


DPSpritePalette is a set of scripts that allows palette swapping of a sprite in run-time!

  • Very simple to setup!
  • Supports Unity’s default SpriteRenderer!
  • Works with Spritesheets or individual sprites!
  • No need to create a new material for each sprite.
  • It two or more sprites has the same palette texture, the sprites will be dynamically batched!

Price: $10.

Buy: Asset Store or Itch.io.


Need Support? Send your issue here.


DPLoadScreen acts as a replacement for the Application.LoadLevel which allows to show a custom load screen. It requires Unity 4.X Pro or any version of Unity 5.

Price: FREE!!

Download: Asset Store.

AB Importer

Import your textures from AwesomeBump easy! Price: FREE!!

Download: Google Drive.

DPPixelEngine (soon)

DPPixelEngine is a framework for Pixel Perfect Collisions in Unity!

  • Very fast pixel perfect collisions!
  • Supports the following colliders: Rectangle, Circle, Image mask.
  • Includes character controller for 2D platform and top-down games.

Price: $40


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